Neak Oknha Chen Zhi


Prince Group's chairman is Neak Oknha Chen Zhi. No detail is known about him because he seems to choose to maintain a low profile. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is the chairman of Prince Group, one of Cambodia's leading large-scale integrated enterprise companies.


Chen Zhi, as he is called, appears to be a naturalized Cambodian citizen of Chinese descent who arrived in the country in 2010. He has personally met with Prime Minister Hun Sen. We know he's associated with Prince Real Estate, which has constructed various projects in both Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Its ventures have contributed to the development of over one million square meters. Some of its assets include the Prince Plaza Center, the Prince Modern Plaza, the Prince City Center, and the Prince IT Building. Many of the buildings tend to be under construction but should be finished soon.


Prince Group also owns Prince Bank, Cambodia Airways, Belt Road Capital Management, Awesome Global Investment Group, Canopy Sands Growth, and Prince Supermarket. That is a large number of businesses! It would not surprise us if he is also an investor in several other firms, as all of these companies must make a lot of money.


We also know that, in addition to his corporate interests, he seems to be an active philanthropist.

Last year, Neak Oknha Chen Zhi personally agreed to donate USD $3 million to help Cambodia purchase 1 million COVID-19 vaccines, and he also provided assistance when Cambodia was hit by extreme floods. Chen Zhi and Prince Group recently dedicated another USD $3 million to tackle the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Cambodia.


He appears to be a watch enthusiast and is said to have donated a considerable sum of money to establish the Prince Horology vocational training center, which provides various complete and partial scholarship placements for talented Cambodian students looking to learn the fine art of luxury watchmaking. Can 'Made in Cambodia' watches be as nice as those made in Switzerland and Japan? Chen Zhi of Prince Group seems to want them to be. In related news: Chen Zhi and Prince Group Bring the Art of Swiss Watchmaking to Cambodia


Chen Zhi seems to be a volleyball fan as well. At the very least, Prince Group has declared its support for the Cambodian national volleyball team, which will play in the next SEA Games in 2023. Prince Group donated $500,000 to the Cambodia Volleyball Federation and paid for an all-expenses-paid trip for 21 Cambodian volleyball players to a two-month training program in Fujian, China. They then hired a volleyball coach to help the team improve. Volleyball is not a sport that Cambodians are well-known for, but the country rarely wins in team sports, so a bronze medal would be welcome.


How did Chen Zhi get to Cambodia? To pull off such massive ventures, he clearly must have a background in real estate or at the very least know people in real estate. If he knows so many people from various fields, he must be a professional networker.


We know he prefers not to make his work too public. It seems that much of the work is undertaken on the field and offline. If the sources are right, the Prince Charitable Foundation is where the majority of Prince Group's activities take place when it is not concentrating on finance, aviation, real estate growth, or retail. Over the past ten years, they have secretly launched over 240 charitable events.


Chen Zhi and Prince Group have at least ensured that many people have found work in Cambodia. The Group employs a large number of people in Phnom Penh and Cambodia. They recently announced that they would soon begin construction on Ream City, a $16 billion project that will be an 834-hectare city in Sihanoukville. It will be constructed on reclaimed land and will include the typical components of planned communities such as hotels, malls, beach resorts, condos, landed homes, beach homes, schools, parks, and so on.


If his plans succeed and Prince Group continues to build and develop at its current pace, it won't be long before Neak Oknha Chen Zhi of Prince Group becomes a household name in Cambodia.


We'll update this page with more news and developments about the fascinating visionary business leader and caring philanthropist Neak Oknha Chen Zhi of Prince Group Cambodia as they become accessible, so stay tuned.